Friday, 29 January 2016

Gifts for Bulldog Lovers & Owners UK

Our gifts for Bulldog lovers and owners in the UK include different styles of quality Bulldog cushions including Belgian tapestry cushions & others woven using the Jacquard weave process, all of which are beautiful to look at & very popular! Below you'll see a couple of examples including exclusive designs by Belgian born artist Thierry Poncelet.
Bulldog Tapestry Cushion with designs by Thierry Poncelet

Bulldog Tapestry Cushion Jacquard Weave
We also stock a variety of gorgeous Bulldog brooch pins & Bulldog keyrings. One style of pewter pin is made in the UK, the other Bulldog brooches & keyrings are imported from the US & have the authentication stamp of the manufacturers & breed name stamped on the reverse - full details are given under the relevant product description. The pins are available with or without an optional gift box.

Bulldog brooch UK pewter 
Bulldog Brooch Pin made in US
Pewter Bulldog Keyring with Paw Charm
We also supply lightweight & machine washable Bulldog socks for men & women in different colours and sizes subject to availability. Made from 75% Cotton, 20% Nylon & 5% Spandex these socks are enormously popular. 

Bulldog Socks for men & women
Plus we sell headwear including warm insulated embroidered beanie hats, also baseball caps. Car air fresheners, fridge magnets, printed mouse mats shoulder bags & Bulldog doormats for indoor & outdoor use are also available. 

Bulldog Doormat for Outdoor or Indoor Use

However if it's Bulldog collectibles you're looking for, we were approached a few months ago to exchange website links by Eiffion Ashdown, a huge Bulldog fan who runs from his base in Brighton in the UK. He stocks a bewildering array of Bulldog memorabilia including Royal Doulton ceramics, glass, jewellery, bronze, wooden items & much more, we've never seen anything quite like it, so it's well worth visiting his website via the link at for a look! :-)

Image thanks to & courtesy of Eiffion Ashdown,
Image thanks to & courtesy of Eiffion Ashdown,

Thanks for reading, if we can help in any way please feel free to get in touch with us at for further assistance; we don't only stock Bulldog gifts & presents but gift items for other dog breeds, cats, animals, birds & fish! 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Dog Breed Keyrings in Quality Pewter UK

The photo above shows a fraction of our extensive range of fine pewter dog breed keyrings available in the UK & EU.

We have two distinct styles of great quality dog keyrings as shown in the photo. 

One range is of the heads of the relevant dog breeds with a cute paw charm attached & on the reverse is stamped the dog breed name, US manufacturers authentication stamp & paws as shown below on our recently added #BelgianShepherd Keyring with paw charm - photos tweeted to us by a delighted customer in the Shetland Isles who bought 3, one to keep & the other two as gifts!

Please Note: You can see these tweets & other Testimonials we have received on our Testimonials page

She tweeted (in 2 tweets:) to our Twitter account: 'Really chuffed with our Belgian Shepherd keyrings, impressed with the quality, thanks Clive :)' & 2nd tweet: 'excellent service, and one sent to friend on our behalf who was delighted as she hadn't got that design!'

Belgian Shepherd Keyring UK gifts

Recent new additions in this range feature Airedale Terrier, Bearded Collie, Belgian Shepherd, Bull Mastiff, Miniature Pinscher & Rhodesian Ridgeback keyrings.

 Airedale Terrier Keyring Gifts UK
Airedale Terrier Keyring Gifts UK

The other dog breed keyrings in quality pewter for dog lovers & owners in the UK & EU are of the entire body as shown by another design, the Border Terrier keyring as shown below. Again the breed name & US manufacturers stamp are visible on the reverse of the dog keyring.

Border Terrier Keyring UK

Recent new additions in this range feature Cairn Terrier, Labs Head & Sitting Labrador keyring designs.

Sitting Labrador Keyring UK

Cairn Terrier Keyring UK

Another testimonial regarding one of these types of keyrings, a Cavalier King Charles keyring (pictured below) was received via Aussie Dog Care UK, a dog boarding service based in the Stockport area of Greater Manchester.

She wrote 2nd February 2015: 'Many thanks, amazing item, love my Cavalier key ring, would recommend this item and will be buying more from you in the future. All the best.'

Prices include VAT & UK post - we also post to the EU. 

Please click here for a link to all our keyrings for dog lovers & owners in the UK & EU

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cat Brooches & Pins UK Gift Boxed - Badges for Cat Lovers & Owners

Cat brooches and pins made here in the UK from fine pewter and gift boxed to enhance the presentation make beautiful gifts for cat lovers and owners.

Cat brooches & pins UK, made from fine pewter, gift-boxed

Both UK manufacturers of the pewter cat brooches we supply have been practicing their art for many years now & it is reflected in the detail & essence captured of each particular breed represented. My personal favourite is the very elegant Siamese cat brooch pin pictured below, the way the designer has captured the stance and expression makes the cat pin adorable gifts for Siamese cat lovers and owners here in the UK & EU countries where we also post to.

Siamese Cat brooches and pins
We also appreciate the fine detailing of the pewter in the exquisite design of our Persian cat brooch pins along with the Tabby Persian cat brooches shown below.

Persian Cat brooches and pins
Tabby Persian Cat brooches & pins
The cat badges for UK cat lovers & owners have either one or two safety backs to pin through clothing, scarves, jackets & bags for firm holding, more detail is supplied in the individual description.

We also have imported many dog & cat pins from a hugely successful supplier in the US, George G Harris who is a renowned pewter sculptor, and the Walking cat brooch pin is an example of his work; it has the copyright authentication stamp on the reverse of the manufacturer.

Walking Cat brooch pin

Below you'll see quality Burmese cat brooch pins and Birman cat brooch pins made in the UK which are among our most recent additions as we wanted to expand our ever growing presents & gifts for cat lovers & owners in the UK section, which includes tapestry cushions, Waggy Dogz cushions featuring adorable cat designs, mouse mats, writing pens with exclusive designs by Ruth Maystead, doormats, draught excluders, cat jewellery & much more.

Burmese cat brooches and pins
Birman cat pin brooches
As said earlier, all of the cat pins are posted in a gift box to add that thoughtful presentation look, ideal for special occasions, or as an inexpensive way of telling a friend that you miss them, as we also have provision for you to leave a Greetings Message on our Delivery Notes sent with orders.

Finally, for newer readers of this blog you may want to read our very first article regarding dog brooches and pin badges or for those who want to have a look at our website we now have in the region of 90 specific dog brooches and pins for UK dog lovers and owners, which are also gift boxed & made in the US & UK from fine pewter.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Gifts for Owl Lovers UK

Many Owl lovers both here in UK & overseas search for quality themed gifts & presents for themselves or a loved one, especially with Owls being all the rage over recent times, so this week we thought we'd share a few exciting gift ideas that may help!

We have quite a lot in the way of home furnishings, for example, doormats, draught excluders and Owl cushions, either tapestry cushions, printed, or linen - the latest is a gorgeous Owls Waggy Dogz Cushion with exclusive designs by Christine Varley, UK pet artist, with a Printed County (faux wool ) front & a Balmoral Hunter reverse (we do have photos of the reverse if anybody ever wants to see them) - don't they look adorable together?

Below, you'll see a lovely Forest Owl Belgian tapestry cushion.

We also have a good selection of Owl brooch pins via our UK website including Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Screech Owl & Owl with Moon designs. Made in either the UK or the US these beautiful eye-catching pins made from fine pewter are sure to attract attention. The Owl & Moon & Screech designs - shown on the left upper & lower which are made in the US have been specially manufactured to look antiquated - you'll see they aren't shiny - they have the authentication stamp on the reverse of George G Harris, renowned pewter sculptor. All of them are gift-boxed to enhance the presentation & we post them to addresses in the UK & EU.

Below you'll see Owl socks for men & women in two different sizes on Black & Grey backgrounds. The lightweight & fully machine washable socks - available over a huge range of dog & cat breeds along with other animals, have proved enormously popular over the years that we have been stocking them. 
Along with coasters & fridge magnets we also provide good quality Barn Owl China Mugs, the Ashley China mug is manufactured in Staffordshire in the UK & is part of the 'Birds of Prey' series, the others we have include Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon & Kestrel.

The Barn Owl China Mug with exclusive designs by Robert E Fuller is 100% made by Hudson & Middleton also in Staffordshire - you may remember that we discussed Robert E Fuller & his work in an earlier blog entitled Bone China Bird Mugs UK - Robert E Fuller .

Owl keyrings & phone charms in pewter, stainless steel bookmarks faced with a pewter Owl & Owl decorative doormats complete the gift ideas for Owl lovers in the UK & EU we have currently - however it's always worth having a look in times to come as new stock becomes available.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Gifts for Border Terrier Lovers & Owners UK

Many Border Terrier lovers & owners both here in UK & overseas search for quality themed gifts & presents for themselves or family or friends, so this week we thought we'd share a few gift ideas that may help make the decision a little easier!

We have a lovely selection of Border Terrier cushions including one of the series of Waggy Dogz cushions shown below. With designs by UK pet artist Christine Varley the cushion boasts a gorgeous Printed Country front & a Balmoral Hunter reverse - we do have a photo of the reverse if anyone wants to see it! 

Also immensely popular over the years has been this adorable Border Terrier Belgian Tapestry Cushion with cotton reverse as shown below, with its fully removable inner pad that complies with UK Fire regulations & a zip fastener.

Moving away from cushions, if you're looking for smaller, inexpensive but great quality Border Terrier gifts, we have found our Border Terrier brooch pins & key-rings made from fine, specially created to look antiquated pewter to be great gift ideas! They both have the copyright authentication stamp on the reverse George G Harris the well known pewter sculptor & also the name of the breed.
The brooch pins have 2 safety backs for firm holding & we have to say that both of them are simply irresistible! 

Additional gift ideas are Border Terrier socks in two sizes for men & women, their soft terry loop construction designed to protect the feet. The machine washable lightweight socks are made from a blend of cotton, nylon & spandex and always go down well as Border Terrier presents!

Additional clothing ideas include warm, specially insulated embroidered Border Terrier beanie hats for the winter months & baseball caps for the warmer months - examples below.

Plus we have writing pens with optional refills, doormats for indoor use, Jacquard weave throws as shown below and much more, our Border Terrier gifts & presents via UK website are well worth a look.

See you next Monday! 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Thierry Poncelet Dog Tapestry Cushions

This week we're admiring our gorgeous range of Thierry Poncelet Dog tapestry cushions which have been among our most popular best sellers here in the UK.

Who was Thierry Poncelet? He was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1946 & became renowned for his 'Aristochien' paintings & art - in other words painting aristocracy figures with a dogs head replacing the human head. The results are striking as the examples below illustrate - adorable designs of the Military Boxer Dog tapestry cushion & Admiral Chocolate Labrador tapestry cushions dressed in all their finery!

In February 2014 we had a glowing testimonial from a customer in the Scottish Highlands regarding the Yellow Labrador Belgian Tapestry Cushion: Poncelet seen below. She emailed us saying: 'The cushion is all I hoped it would be. My own Labrador was slightly perturbed when he saw it & growled - thought I’d brought an interloper into the house! Many thanks for your help & excellent service.'

We also have three varieties of Jack Russell Poncelet Belgian tapestry cushions, one of our favorites is shown below - it's easier to link with all our Jack Russell tapestry cushions.

All the Poncelet dog cushions measure approximately 45cm x 45cm or 18" x 18" and have a cotton reverse. They also have a zip fastening and a fully removable inner cushion pad which complies to the Furniture & Furnishings Act 1988. Price for UK customers includes the inner pad, VAT & UK postal charges - we also post to EU countries for an additional shipping charge.

As well as the Pug & Dalmatian cushions shown above - others in the range include Maltese Terrier, Basset Griffon, Otterhound, Bulldog & Yorkshire Terrier Poncelet tapestry cushions.

So that's it for this week regarding Poncelet dog cushions - if you click onto the red link you'll also see a far more comprehensive range of pages of dog tapestry cushions which we will cover in a future post. Thanks again for reading & see you next Monday! :-)

Monday, 9 March 2015

Novelty Animal Socks UK

Maybe you're looking for novelty animal socks here in the UK as a gift for a special occasion or just to say you were thinking about your loved one. In this post we are going to concentrate on socks branded with Tie Studio London, which we have been privileged to supply now since February 2011 when we received our first of several wholesale orders from the company based in South London.

One of the things we love about some of these socks is a quirky sense of humour that has gone into the design of them. To illustrate, see the piccy of the Gorilla 'I'm the Boss' socks below. Gentle teasing perhaps? Or it could be you buy them because the person who they are for loves wild animals - Marie from Rotherham emailed us to say that 'the socks were wonderful, my son-in-law will love them as he is primate crazy.'

Other gifts with a slightly risque sense of humour are included as a part of our socks for fishermen & anglers category. For example  Fishermen Love To Get Their Tackle Out socks below, with an obvious play on the word 'tackle'! :-)
Or if you want to play safe, we have the Worlds Greatest Fisherman socks or Born to Fish Forced to Work socks with a happy smiley contemplating going fishing & a distinctly unhappy face emoticon that we may feel when Monday morning comes round again all to soon!

Further fun animal socks can be found with our Prince Charming Frog socks, showing the Frog Prince sat on his throne with a mischievous look on his face or our Sexy Beast Bulldog Socks.

Those looking for gifts with a safari animal or a zoo animal theme are also well catered for with our lovely Giraffe socks, Lion socks & Tiger socks shown below - we also have Elephant socks.

Plus we have a whole lot more including Penguins, Sheep, Cows & Kittens - all the socks from the Tie Studio are UK size 6 to 11. In a future blog if you click on the red text we will talk about socks with individual dog breeds, cats, horses, fish & wildlife & which are available in sizes for men & women, but that's all for now.

See you next Monday!