Monday, 23 February 2015

Cat Belgian Tapestry Cushions with designs by Susan Herbert

Susan Herbert Cat Belgian tapestry cushions are elegant, gorgeous to look at & make ideal gifts for cat lovers or as classy home furnishings to scatter on your sofa!

We aren't going to pillage what other people have written about the background of Susan Herbert, born in 1945 in the UK, and how she got started & developed her immense talent as a cat artist - instead our focus is on showing some of her exquisite designs on our very popular cat cushions, including the very regal looking Henry VIII Cat tapestry cushions available in two amazing colours - Henry VIII was the King of England from 1509 till he died & infamous for his 6 wives & what terrible fate befell some of them. Plus we have the Lady Ann cushion, again available in 2 fabulous colours.

Also popular are the Lady Guinevere & D'Artagnan cat tapestry cushions - Lady Guinevere according to English Literature folklore was the wife of King Arthur & also the lover of Sir Lancelot.  D'Artagnan, a fictional character set in the 17th Century in the novel 'The Three Musketeers' by Alexander Dumas, needs no introduction - this cushion is also available in 2 classic shades!

We also have the Mona Lisa cat tapestry cushion shown below - the Mona Lisa was one of the favorite paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci which he started in Milan sometime around 1503 - 1504.
And last but certainly not least, we have Sir Huxley & Lord Nelson cat tapestry cushions below - Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, the British naval commander who with his troops saved Britain from an invasion threat at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

All our Susan Herbert cat cushions have a cotton reverse, a zip fastener & a removable inner pad which complies to the Fire & Furnishings Regulations 1988. Prices include the entire cushion, not just the cover, VAT & UK post - please allow approximately a week or so for UK delivery.

Please click through the red link to see the wider range of cat tapestry cushions - have a good week & see you next Monday! 

Monday, 16 February 2015

Stag Tapestry Cushions & Gifts UK

The topic of this week's post is regarding Stag tapestry cushions & gifts via our UK website.

Few sights are more captivating for wildlife lovers than seeing an adult Stag roaming the countryside in its natural habitat - for me it's the antlers, they're so majestic ! :-)

So it would only be natural that household furnishings would be appealing. It surprised us when we totted up but at the time of writing we have 10 Stag Belgian tapestry cushions with a variety of background colours featuring the head & the antlers in their natural setting or for a bit of novelty, dressed up in military or royal uniform as in the Sergeant Stag & Imperial Stag cushion versions or with clothing & headwear suitable for cold weather as per the Just Chilling option - also a cushion with a Stag & Birds on also shown below. As we have so many cushions & it isn't practical to show all of them here, please feel free to browse via this link to gifts for Stag lovers UK

All cushions have a zip fastening & the removable inner pad complies with the relevant 1988 UK Fire & Furnishings regulations - delivery usually within a week to UK addresses & all prices include VAT & UK postage.

Supposing cushions really aren't our thing, what other Stag gifts are available? What about a gorgeous Red Stag Bone China Mug made 100% in the UK, featuring the awesome designs by Robert E Fuller, Yorkshire wildlife artist? 

Or if you like something attractive but inexpensive to decorate scarves, ties, jackets, bags & coats we have Stag brooch pins made in the Midlands from UK pewter which are supplied in a White swirl gift box to enhance the presentation - please find a link here to our many other animal brooch pins that we supply.

We also supply two different styles of Stag key rings again made from fine UK pewter, also with a gift box option. Prices for all our gifts include UK postage & VAT. 

It's also worth bearing in mind that we have a good selection gifts & presents including tapestry cushions, brooch pins & socks for men & women relating to Fox, Deer, Hedgehog, Squirrel & many other countryside animals, some of which may be covered in future posts - watch this space! :-)

Many thanks again for taking time to read our blog, have a good week & until next Monday! 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Novelty Animal Wine Bottle Stoppers UK

Many of us enjoy a glass of wine from time to time so a thoughtful quality gift for a UK animal lover could be novelty animal wine bottle stoppers for those occasions when we don't want to finish off the entire bottle ! :-)

Now to explain in a little more detail, the stoppers are available in two distinct styles.

Some including Ducks, Red & Grey Squirrels, Horses & Black, Chocolate & Yellow Labradors are hand painted onto cold resin which in turn is placed on a natural cork stopper.
Black Labrador Wine Bottle Stopper
Wood Duck Wine Bottle Stopper
Regarding a Grey Squirrel wine bottle stopper one of our valued customers Bob from Powys, UK who has ordered many times with us over the years since we've been trading emailed us 30th Jan 2013 & stated when he got his order: " I was taken aback at the Squirrel bottle stopper - absolutely superb quality, hand painted, first class. I am sure it will be a talking point when cracking open a bottle with friends. I would have happily paid more for it."

The other style are made from white metal & nickel plated to make them hard wearing - they also have a natural cork stopper - we currently have Deer, Elephant, Moose, Lion, Rhino, Wolf & others & plan on expanding this range in the near future.
Labrador Wine Bottle Stopper
Elephant Wine Bottle Stopper
Lion Wine Bottle Stopper
As we want the stoppers to reach you in perfect condition we leave the stoppers in their original packaging supplied by the US manufacturers & post them in a smash-proof box that we usually use for our china mugs - all prices include UK post & VAT.

So next time that you're looking for an animal gift for a zoo animal or wildlife lover why not consider a novelty animal wine bottle stopper?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Dog Brooches and Pins UK

Dog brooches and pins gift boxed online via our UK website. We already have more than 80 different dog pins from Afghan Hound through to Yorkie & we expect to increase our extensive range by the end of Feb 2015 to include Papillon, a new variety of Bull Terrier brooch pin & others - watch this space!

The dog pins are available with either one or two safety backs or fasteners so that they can be pinned onto clothing, jackets, scarves, ties & bags. Some have the authentication stamp of the manufacturer stamped on the back, and all are made from finest pewter whether in the UK or the US. Many have as part of their manufacturing process been made to look specially antiquated & they are among our best sellers!  

With the exception of the Great Dane which is too big, all our dog brooch pins are placed in a White swirl recycled gift box to enhance the presentation & prices include UK post, VAT & gift box. 

Recent comments from our delighted customers include a lady in Suffolk, UK who said that our Schnauzer pin brooch was a gift for a friends birthday & that it was far nicer than she was expecting - she also put in her email to us that the pin would sit with flowers which is perhaps another presentation idea. 

Another customer in the Irish Republic said that 'a gift as a Pug brooch shows a little thought went into the purchase'. 

If you have any questions about our variety of dog breed brooches and pins please feel free to either email us or phone in the UK (01254) 695491 & we will only be too happy to try & help!