Sunday, 1 February 2015

Dog Brooches and Pins UK

Dog brooches and pins gift boxed online via our UK website. We already have more than 80 different dog pins from Afghan Hound through to Yorkie & we expect to increase our extensive range by the end of Feb 2015 to include Papillon, a new variety of Bull Terrier brooch pin & others - watch this space!

The dog pins are available with either one or two safety backs or fasteners so that they can be pinned onto clothing, jackets, scarves, ties & bags. Some have the authentication stamp of the manufacturer stamped on the back, and all are made from finest pewter whether in the UK or the US. Many have as part of their manufacturing process been made to look specially antiquated & they are among our best sellers!  

With the exception of the Great Dane which is too big, all our dog brooch pins are placed in a White swirl recycled gift box to enhance the presentation & prices include UK post, VAT & gift box. 

Recent comments from our delighted customers include a lady in Suffolk, UK who said that our Schnauzer pin brooch was a gift for a friends birthday & that it was far nicer than she was expecting - she also put in her email to us that the pin would sit with flowers which is perhaps another presentation idea. 

Another customer in the Irish Republic said that 'a gift as a Pug brooch shows a little thought went into the purchase'. 

If you have any questions about our variety of dog breed brooches and pins please feel free to either email us or phone in the UK (01254) 695491 & we will only be too happy to try & help!


  1. I'm not surprised they're a best seller - they are very attractive.

    1. Thanks Clowie, we would wholeheartedly recommend them, especially the slightly more expensive ones as they are superb quality!