Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cat Brooches & Pins UK Gift Boxed - Badges for Cat Lovers & Owners

Cat brooches and pins made here in the UK from fine pewter and gift boxed to enhance the presentation make beautiful gifts for cat lovers and owners.

Cat brooches & pins UK, made from fine pewter, gift-boxed

Both UK manufacturers of the pewter cat brooches we supply have been practicing their art for many years now & it is reflected in the detail & essence captured of each particular breed represented. My personal favourite is the very elegant Siamese cat brooch pin pictured below, the way the designer has captured the stance and expression makes the cat pin adorable gifts for Siamese cat lovers and owners here in the UK & EU countries where we also post to.

Siamese Cat brooches and pins
We also appreciate the fine detailing of the pewter in the exquisite design of our Persian cat brooch pins along with the Tabby Persian cat brooches shown below.

Persian Cat brooches and pins
Tabby Persian Cat brooches & pins
The cat badges for UK cat lovers & owners have either one or two safety backs to pin through clothing, scarves, jackets & bags for firm holding, more detail is supplied in the individual description.

We also have imported many dog & cat pins from a hugely successful supplier in the US, George G Harris who is a renowned pewter sculptor, and the Walking cat brooch pin is an example of his work; it has the copyright authentication stamp on the reverse of the manufacturer.

Walking Cat brooch pin

Below you'll see quality Burmese cat brooch pins and Birman cat brooch pins made in the UK which are among our most recent additions as we wanted to expand our ever growing presents & gifts for cat lovers & owners in the UK section, which includes tapestry cushions, Waggy Dogz cushions featuring adorable cat designs, mouse mats, writing pens with exclusive designs by Ruth Maystead, doormats, draught excluders, cat jewellery & much more.

Burmese cat brooches and pins
Birman cat pin brooches
As said earlier, all of the cat pins are posted in a gift box to add that thoughtful presentation look, ideal for special occasions, or as an inexpensive way of telling a friend that you miss them, as we also have provision for you to leave a Greetings Message on our Delivery Notes sent with orders.

Finally, for newer readers of this blog you may want to read our very first article regarding dog brooches and pin badges or for those who want to have a look at our website we now have in the region of 90 specific dog brooches and pins for UK dog lovers and owners, which are also gift boxed & made in the US & UK from fine pewter.