Monday, 2 March 2015

Bone China Bird Mugs UK - Robert E Fuller

We are very privileged to supply Bone China Bird Mugs with beautiful designs by Robert E Fuller, UK wildlife artist.

Robert E Fuller, who has a popular gallery based in North Yorkshire, often appears on TV & writes regularly in the 'Yorkshire Post'. He is well known for his love & knowledge of wildlife & birds gained from at a very early age as a child when he & his brother used to explore the rural fields near their home in North Yorkshire with their dad. What is more than clear is that he is an immensely naturally talented artist aided by the flexibility of his schooling at secondary school where he was allowed to give up French for extra art tuition & also courses he took in Art & Design at York College for Art & Technology & a wildlife illustration course at Carmarthen College of Art & Technology in Wales.

What about the Bird Mugs themselves? They are 100% handmade in Staffordshire - certainly we can tell by looking at the superb quality of the mugs that they are special & we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them as a quality product.

We have also received complimentary emails & messages via our social media pages regarding the Bird China Mugs. Kerry who runs the Warwickshire Outsourcing Centre emailed in to say that the Kingfisher Mug she bought 'was beautiful & she was sure that the recipient will love it!' - she later mentioned on our Google + page that the recipient was her sons teacher.

Another lady bought a Kingfisher Mug for her daughter who runs a charity & another customer in Cheltenham bought several mugs at the same time for her mother-in-law who lives at the other side of the country near Ipswich - what a lovely daugher-in-law! :-)

The dishwasher resistant mugs are packaged carefully in a smashproof postal box with bubble wrap around for additional protection - all our prices include UK postage & VAT.

If you click on the red type you will also see a range of Wildlife Bone China Mugs by Robert E Fuller that we supply, more about those at a future date!

See you next Monday!


  1. The detail on the birds is amazing and I like the extra touch of having a pattern inside the top of the mug on each of them.

  2. Thanks a lot Clowie, the mugs are stunning - we can wholeheartedly recommend them! Have a good evening!