Monday, 9 March 2015

Novelty Animal Socks UK

Maybe you're looking for novelty animal socks here in the UK as a gift for a special occasion or just to say you were thinking about your loved one. In this post we are going to concentrate on socks branded with Tie Studio London, which we have been privileged to supply now since February 2011 when we received our first of several wholesale orders from the company based in South London.

One of the things we love about some of these socks is a quirky sense of humour that has gone into the design of them. To illustrate, see the piccy of the Gorilla 'I'm the Boss' socks below. Gentle teasing perhaps? Or it could be you buy them because the person who they are for loves wild animals - Marie from Rotherham emailed us to say that 'the socks were wonderful, my son-in-law will love them as he is primate crazy.'

Other gifts with a slightly risque sense of humour are included as a part of our socks for fishermen & anglers category. For example  Fishermen Love To Get Their Tackle Out socks below, with an obvious play on the word 'tackle'! :-)
Or if you want to play safe, we have the Worlds Greatest Fisherman socks or Born to Fish Forced to Work socks with a happy smiley contemplating going fishing & a distinctly unhappy face emoticon that we may feel when Monday morning comes round again all to soon!

Further fun animal socks can be found with our Prince Charming Frog socks, showing the Frog Prince sat on his throne with a mischievous look on his face or our Sexy Beast Bulldog Socks.

Those looking for gifts with a safari animal or a zoo animal theme are also well catered for with our lovely Giraffe socks, Lion socks & Tiger socks shown below - we also have Elephant socks.

Plus we have a whole lot more including Penguins, Sheep, Cows & Kittens - all the socks from the Tie Studio are UK size 6 to 11. In a future blog if you click on the red text we will talk about socks with individual dog breeds, cats, horses, fish & wildlife & which are available in sizes for men & women, but that's all for now.

See you next Monday!


  1. That tiger looks very smug! The Prince Charming ones made me laugh.

    1. Yup, the Prince Charming socks & the Gorilla ones are among our favorites - also loved the Sheep ones on a rich Green background - next time we order we'll be trying to get some more of those & the Meerkats!