Monday, 16 March 2015

Thierry Poncelet Dog Tapestry Cushions

This week we're admiring our gorgeous range of Thierry Poncelet Dog tapestry cushions which have been among our most popular best sellers here in the UK.

Who was Thierry Poncelet? He was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1946 & became renowned for his 'Aristochien' paintings & art - in other words painting aristocracy figures with a dogs head replacing the human head. The results are striking as the examples below illustrate - adorable designs of the Military Boxer Dog tapestry cushion & Admiral Chocolate Labrador tapestry cushions dressed in all their finery!

In February 2014 we had a glowing testimonial from a customer in the Scottish Highlands regarding the Yellow Labrador Belgian Tapestry Cushion: Poncelet seen below. She emailed us saying: 'The cushion is all I hoped it would be. My own Labrador was slightly perturbed when he saw it & growled - thought I’d brought an interloper into the house! Many thanks for your help & excellent service.'

We also have three varieties of Jack Russell Poncelet Belgian tapestry cushions, one of our favorites is shown below - it's easier to link with all our Jack Russell tapestry cushions.

All the Poncelet dog cushions measure approximately 45cm x 45cm or 18" x 18" and have a cotton reverse. They also have a zip fastening and a fully removable inner cushion pad which complies to the Furniture & Furnishings Act 1988. Price for UK customers includes the inner pad, VAT & UK postal charges - we also post to EU countries for an additional shipping charge.

As well as the Pug & Dalmatian cushions shown above - others in the range include Maltese Terrier, Basset Griffon, Otterhound, Bulldog & Yorkshire Terrier Poncelet tapestry cushions.

So that's it for this week regarding Poncelet dog cushions - if you click onto the red link you'll also see a far more comprehensive range of pages of dog tapestry cushions which we will cover in a future post. Thanks again for reading & see you next Monday! :-)